Welcome to homepage of LEDTECHNIKA!

Our company deals with developing and manufacturing LED ligthing which stands before a considerable development and breakthrough nowadays because of its benefits. According to some survays we receive 80% of the information we get across our eyes. Series of experiments have proved connection existing between ligthing and our general state of health, our physical and intellectual output. Besides, ligthing is an architectural element which is forming our environment.

Solutions replacing light bulbs are expanding in our country more and more. Using fluorescent compact tubes energy consumption can be reduced to a 1/5 part as well. But they can not supply enough light to light bigger objects, trees for example. LEDs not only are available as light sources like bulbs and persuade us to replace existent light sources because of their simplicity but can be used in the form of rigid and flexible strips. It is possible to form a ligthing which is distributed uniformly in space and you can not ignore that they offer economical lighting and in addition they have a long lifetime.

We hope you will find the ideal LED light source for you in our product range, but if you don't, please consult us, our specialists and product development engineers will develop the ideal and economical light source for you.

The LEDTECHNIKA is in 100% Hungarian property and the latest applied items are our own develoments mostly.