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  • ledlámpa execution
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  • lighting modernization
  • indoor lighting execution
  • outoor lighting execution
  • ledtechnic, ledtechnology service


Unfortunately we can note more and more a trend that a lot of companies do inexpert, low quality and semi-finished work concentrating only on incomes. Many mediocre products and services appear that have been manufactured at a sky-high price. What can a customer do after disappointments when he does not understand where have he made a mistake? Light sources developed and manufactured by our company meet tight quality controls by this way we can ensure a warranty of several 10 years. Our developments success is proved by tha fact that we manufacture several light sources protected by patents. We offer our special knowledge which will produce distinctive value for our clients. We aim to get to know our clients's aims and business models so as to offer useful and valuable services indeed, like:

  • providing professional advising
  • making tailored technical solutions.

We aim to make good use of our special knowledge by the most effective way for our clients since it is our greatest business value. We have the privilege that our work is our hobby. We love to create beauty, invent, design, produce new things so as to represent the highest possible professional standard using the latest possibilities and newest technologies. Our young, dynamic experts... special knowledge and their working experience of several years ensure the excellent quality of our products.

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